Diamond Club

    OrthoEssentials is proud to introduce our exclusive Diamond Club buying program.  The Diamond Club is straight-forward, easy to understand, and very cost effective for you.  We do not force you to purchase our brackets, bands, and tubes.  You purchase what you want, when you want and we do the rest.  No points to track and no coupons to juggle.

Speak to your representative, complete a simple form, place an opening order of $500, and commit to annual purchases of $4,000 or more.  You will receive our lowest pricing on every product all year long.   We do ask that orders be paid within your specified payment terms.
    Our prices are low and our discounts are high.  In order to make it work for us we must ask for the volume and payment terms commitment, and in exchange you will receive the following benefits:

1.  Guaranteed, written prices valid through 2017
2.  Your price will be published directly in our catalog.  No price list to keep or refer to
3.  Most orders over $200 will ship freight free (Domestic), UPS ground (Estimated annual savings of $3,000 or more)  Orders with weight and girth restrictions and/or orders using premium shipping are excluded
4.  You will receive notice of exclusive quarterly specials not available to non-club members
5.  Once your purchase volume reaches $5,000, you will receive an additional discount of 2%
6.  Once your purchase volume reached $10,000, you will receive an additional discount of 4%


    Get the quality and value you deserve.  With OrthoEssentials’ Diamond Club, it’s super simple.

    Choose your merchandise, place your order and receive INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  Once you sign up, your Diamond Club pricing will appear right on the shopping cart.  (The quantity discounts will not apply to your pricing.)

    We simply offer you high quality products at low cost…and no risk!!